Silo Monitoring
& Control

Silo Management

Transferring of material between trucks, silos, and mills, and dispensers or trucks is a routine operation that happens almost continuously in many cases. Operations need to be reliable and automated where possible.

In addition, monitoring of CO2, temperature, and moisture levels can be critical when it comes to ensuring the quality of what comes out of the silos.

We have a long track record in materials handling including silo controls, and can provide you with the right solution.

Temperature Monitoring

Automate temperature monitoring with SimplySense. This plug-and-play solution is trusted worldwide. Get real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts for around-the-clock asset protection and regulatory compliance.

An audit trail and log of temperatures ensures that you comply with food safety regulations and gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your premises.

Humidity Monitoring

info coming soon.

CO2 Monitoring

Detects Carbon Dioxide levels.  High-precision, 50ppm +/- 3 full-range.  Detects CO2 using infrared light.  Widely used in grain and produce storage units, chemical plants, and bacteria incubators.

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