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Temperature Monitoring

Live Monitoring

Below is a live application providing 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity, audit trail log reports, email and SMS Alarming, and web based viewing of status.

Email notifications, reports, and SMS alarms are all included along with the web interface.

Perishables & Food Temperature Monitoring

Eliminate unreliable manual temperature recording and automate data reporting to improve regulatory compliance.  “A food business must, when transporting food, transport potentially hazardous food under temperature control”. – Australian & New Zealand Food Standards Code 3.2.2, Division 3, 10b October 27, 2015

5°C to 60°C has been specified as the danger zone for food.  This is the range in which micro-biological growth can occur quickly. If food is left too long within this temperature range then potentially deadly micro-organisms can grow.  Heating food above 60°C will kill most micro-organisms. It will not, however, remove the toxins that may have been introduced.  Cooling food to below 5°C will almost stop the growth of micro-organisms. 

Protect your business and free up your staff by automatically logging and reporting temperatures.   

Cryogenic Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Sensors are the ideal solution for maintaining optimal and consistent temperatures within cold rooms and refrigerated areas including the extreme storage conditions such as those required Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine.

We go all the way down to -196°C and can even provide NATA Calibration Certificates if required.

Refrigeration & HVAC

HVAC Filter Monitoring

Measures differential pressure in the range of 25Pa to 5000Pa with 0.1% accuracy, up to 7 calibrated ranges.

Long term stability ±0.1% FSS. Transmits data up to 16km. Ideal for monitoring HVAC/VAV filters, building/room pressure, duct pressure, greenhouse pressure, hospital and clean room pressure, fume hoods, and data centers.

HVAC Modbus

A wireless Modbus sensor attached to your expensive HVAC system allows for easy and cost-effective integration of HVAC data into building management systems.

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