Gates &
Electric Fences

Gates & Electric Fences

Your livestock and equipment are your livelihood.

Knowing whether your gates are open or closed, and the status of your electric fences is important for your peace of mind.

Gate Monitoring & Control

We can monitorthe position of gates and warn you when something changes, and even remotely open and close them.

Different methods of monitoring may be required depending of the type of gate and latching system that you use.

For the best solution, contact us with details of what you have.

Electric Fence Monitoring

Electric fences are designed to pulse at around 9000 volts.¬† All that it takes is a branch to have fallen in the wrong place or an insulator that’s failing, and suddenly your very expensive stud animals have decided that there’s one less thing to keep them from being somewhere else.

Make sure that you know there’s a problem before they do.

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