Smarter Automation and IoT Solutions

The most expensive words you will ever here are “We have always done it that way”

It doesn’t matter what you need to monitor or control, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Most times, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Start with a Gateway


Place Devices

Place Device

Monitor Devices




Complete Weather Stations, Soil Moisture Sensors, Air & Water Quality Monitoring

Water Management

Tank, Dam, & Bore Levels, Flow Monitoring & Leak Detection, Irrigation Control


Generators, Pumps, & Machinery, Control & Monitoring, Alarm Notifications and Theft Indication

Fences & Gates

Electric Fence Status & Alarms, Gate Open & Closed Monitoring, Remote Gate Control


Complete Automation Systems, Instrumentation, Control Systems Design


CO2, Level & Temperature Monitoring, Hazardous Areas Electrical Support, Control Systems


Livestock Tracking, 'Out of Paddock' Alarming

Personnel Safety

Quad Bike & ATV Rollover Detection, Motorcycle Fall Detection, Personal Distress Alarms, Man Down Alarms

Temperature Monitoring

Freezer, Coldroom & Hot Food Storage Monitoring , Reporting, and Alarming, Cold Chain Data Logging

Power Monitoring

Billing & Load Profiling, Data Logging, Maximum Demand

Predictive Maintenance

3-Axis Vibration Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, ISO10816-3 or Custom Interface

Asset Tracking

Indoor and Outdoor, Tampering Alarms, Tracking and Geofencing

What We Do​

We help you to find the most effective solution no matter what your application

Information and Control at your fingertips will save you time, money, and give you peace of mind.

Today’s technology means that what once could only be imagined is now possible.  Smarter automation and IoT solutions are an affordable reality.

Using low power, low bandwidth networks to connect sensors has never been easier, and more often than not there is no wiring to be done.

At Rural Technologies, we aim to make your life simpler, to make your business more efficient, and to give you peace of mind. Our decades of experience in complex industrial automation installations, process instrumentation, and supporting remote operations is what sets us apart from the rest. 

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